More than 10 reasons to advertise with us


  • We are on the Internet, available to the entire hispanic community in Houston and all Latinos residing in its vicinity.
  • You can access Conozca Houston via LAPTOP, PC, SmartPhones, iPads, etc.. just visit
  • More than 85% of the hispanic community uses the Internet as the primary source of entertainment, information, education and consumption.
  • Only 1% to 1.5% of the hispanic community uses printed papers in two special situations: 1 – When they are unemployed, and… . 2 – When they do not have a personal computer.


  • In other publications, you pay for each area where your ad will show up. We do not segment the city nor charge you extra monies for additional areas.
  • Your ad will be accessible from anywhere in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.
  • Since your ad is on the web, your ad is also accessible from anywhere in the world.


  • Your classified ad can contain a title of up to 100 characters long, a description of up to 1,000 to 12,000 characters, according to your plan.
  • You can upload 1 to 12 images (800 × 600 pixels, in black and white or full color), at no extra charges, according to your plan.
  • While classified ads are located in a specific category, cover ads will be seen on all pages of our magazine.


  • More than 185,000 readers and growing day by day.
  • Over 80,000 unique IPs and growing day by day.
  • More than 8,300 subscribers to our weekly newsletter/bulletin sumarising the last 10 posts, it is growing day by day.
  • Each week we post new articles which in turn attracts more readers.
  • No article ever expires. All articles will always be available permanently in our magazine, and they are also listed on most major search engines in the world.
  • Every week we send a new bulletin directly to our reader’s inbox.
  • FREE: Subscribe to our bulletin absolutely FREE ,by visiting


  • Hispanic adults between 18-85 years old.
  • Office workers, principals, teachers, students, businessmen, consulates, embassies, media, housewives, professionals, technicians, pastors, religious leaders, politicians, etc..


  • Our statistics are real.
  • We deliver our promises.
  • Our media service is the most effective and efficient in the industry.


  • You pay only a fraction of what you pay in other medias.
  • You can advertise a calendar year, or in multiples of 30-days.
  • The longer you advertise, the more money you save.


  • They say, their circulation is over 80,000 + copies.
  • 80,000 copies are divided into 8 to 10 urban areas, which is equivalent to an average of 8,000 to 10,000 copies per zone.
  • If delivering about 20 newspapers in each location, they would be targeting just 500 locations. (Ask yourself, how long would it take for a person to deliver 500 locations?)
  • If they deliver about 40 newspapers in each location, they would be targeting just 250 locations.
  • If you want more zones or areas, you have will to pay more money.
  • Your ability to sell your product or service is limited to an average of 700 advertisers against only 20 or 40 people. Do you think this is possible?  And, that’s counting on: every 20 or 40 newspapers were taken and read by their readers, and supposing that everyone wants to buy your product or service, you have only one chance among 700 advertisers or more. IMPOSSIBLE.


  • Our readers do not have to pick up any newspaper anywhere. Our “Weekly Bulletin” goes directly to the mailbox of our subscribers, for FREE.
  • Your diaplay ads will be seen by all our readers. (More than 185,000). Not one segment and not an specific neighborhood. The entire Houston metropolitan area have access to all ads.
  • Our circulation system is much more effective and verifiable, no place for “likely”, “coincidences” or “miracles”. We maintain daily, weekly and monthly statistics of visitors.
  • Your classified ad has a reader’s counter so you know, for sure, how many people are actually interested in your ad.
  • By signing up for our “weekly bulletin”, you can participate day-by-day in the life of our magazine.
  • Each week we publish an average of 10 new items of social interest, educational value, or scientific, political, sports, entertainment, health, or human rights, etc..
  • You can send us your press releases and notices of social interest for immediate publication.

Do you still insist in that we are not the best?
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